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Göktürk, Eyüp, Istanbul. January 2007; May 2007; December 2007; March 2008; May 2008; May 2009; December 2009; February 2010; April 2010; April-June 2011; February 2012; January 2013; December 2013; February-March 2014; December 2014; January-March 2015; June-July 2015; January 2016; January 2019, March-April 2019; September 2020; November 2020; January 2021; March-April 2021; September-November 2021; January 2022; April 2022; November 2022; March 2023.

The trend in Istanbul for the last decade is to build housing complexes for the upper middle class outside the city. Often times, these new developments lie in or adjacent to significantly poorer communities. The dichotomy between the two non-intersecting cultural segments of the nation is best represented by the walls that encircle the housing complexes, armed with cameras and other security devices. Outside the wall, one sees cheaper cars, shoddy constructions, and mosques that seem to take forever to be built. To some, religion is something to hold onto, and to others, it is a means for making profit. Likewise, to some, the wall is a symbol of division between the secular and the rest. It remains to be seen where this "ghetto in a ghetto" lifestyle and the growing "us and them" psychology will lead to. (Spring 2007)

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