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Erciyes Dağı from Çobanini, Kayseri. 19-5-2005, 4:10.

This is from the Çobanini area, where we camped as a joint group of climbers from Bogaziçi and Erciyes Universities at around 2800 m. Mt. Erciyes is in the background with an altitude of 3914 m. I had to stay behind because of a knee problem while my friends started the climb at around 1:30 am. You can see the faint light coming from the headlamps right below the mountain. This is a 10-minute exposure on RDP III. Unlike what the film recorded, it was pitch black at 4:10 am and I could not see the other tent protruding into the frame-should camp more sparsely next time. I had to warm up the batteries after every shot because of the cold-we were four cramped in the tent and inside was still -1 degree Celsius.

Canon EOS 33, Canon EF 24/2.8, 10 min, f/4, Fujichrome Provia 100F