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Mt. Spry and the East Temple, Zion National Park, Utah. 28-1-2002.

Zion Canyon is special any time of the year; perhaps more so in the winter. The snow, the light, the lack of industrial tourists as Edward Abbey calls them... On a snowy day, just when I was about to pack up and leave, a strong wind started blowing snowflakes, which made the air instantly hazy. Then, an opening in the clouds allowed the setting sun to bath the canyon walls with all sorts of yellows and reds. As the final minutes of daylight faded, I rushed to different spots without even thinking of altering the camera settings. I framed Mt. Spry and the East Temple such that the dark clouds and the shadow on the left formed some symmetry. The silhouettes at the bottom remind us that it is indeed winter.

Canon EOS-1N, Canon EF 70-200/4L USM, 1/45 sec, f/11, Fujichrome Velvia, 81B