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Forbidden City-Palace Museum (Gugong) from Tian'an Men Square (Tian'an Men Guangchang, Gate of Heavenly Peace), Beijing, China. 21-5-2008.

The Wenchuan (Sichuan) Earthquake on May 12 has cost the lives of over 68,000, leaving more than 350,000 injured and 5 million homeless. About 20,000 people are still listed as missing. By the decree of the State Council, a three-day national mourning was in effect between May 19-21, a first time for the "ordinary people" of China.

The flag in Tian'an Men Square was at half mast throughout this time.

Nikon D200, Voigtlander SL 180/4 APO-Lanthar, 1/500 sec, f/5.6, ISO 200