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Rızvaniye Camii and Medresesi with Halil-ür Rahman Gölü, Şanlı Urfa. 28-4-2006.

Coming back late from a trip to Atatürk Dam and Harran, and unable to escape some dinner commitments, I could get out for photography only after dark. Balıklı Göl area is a city park that receives heavy loitering for almost 20 hours/day. This particular night with heavy rainfall turned out to be quite memorable thanks to the conversations I had with the locals during the several hours I spent taking pictures.

Rızvaniye Mosque was built by the Ottoman governor Rızvan Ahmet Pasa in1736. According to the legend, Abraham was thrown from the citadel onto a big fire where the 150x30 m pool is located now. The firewood turned into carp and springs burst to form the Pool of Abraham. The fish is considered sacred, and tasting them will bring eternal damnation.

Canon EOS-1N, Carl Zeiss Distagon 28/2.8 MM, 6 sec, f/11, Fujichrome Velvia 100F