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Little Finland/Hobgoblin's Playground, Nevada. November 2011.

Little Finland is an area in Clark County, Nevada, where sandstone has been sculpted into wild shapes by the wind. The place is also known as Hobgoblin's Playground, so named after some of the formations that resemble the ugly Marvel villain Hobgoblin, one of Spiderman's eternal enemies. Little Finland is extremely fragile. It felt and sounded like I was constantly stepping on broken pieces of ceramic pottery. I suspect that these were relics of damage inflicted by photographers and hikers. The whole area should have been protected by declaring it off-limits to public.

One needs to arrive early afternoon since the sun sets behind a hill that obstructs the light during the golden hour. The cut-off was 15:50 on November 25th.

Driving deteriorates steadily from dirt road to a sandy wash. It is best to take the Mud Wash for a shorter and a less bumpy ride (things may change over time).

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